AMPSol is a multi-physics finite element analysis program with integrated physics for stress, thermal, flow, and electro-magneto analyses, including steady-state, transient/dynamic, instability buckling, and modal analysis abilities with fully coupled formulation. It follows the latest and rigorous FE formulations including large deformation/rotation Lagrangian formulation (TL or UL), weighted Optimal Least-Squares fluid formulation with arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian extension, automatic load stepping/increment with arc-length post-buckling/instability options, and advanced automatic load-balanced multi-thread controls designed for multi-core/multi-processor workstation. AMPS solver options include iterative element-by-element solver, fast direct outcore sparse and the large capacity iterative PCGLSS solver capable of solving millions of equations in minutes. The rich material library includes incompressible Mooney-Rivlin incompressible material, anisotropic thermal/elastic, visco-thermo-elastic-plastic model and many others. The element library contains advanced beam/rod/shell/brick/tetra/pyramid elements with user extendable constutitive model and programmable user load/flux function with access to all solution variables. Advanced automatic contact/penetration detection algorithm allows the user simply activate the automatic detection for all possible solid part boundary contact detection without any user intervention, removing any need of legacy master-slave or any predefined contact faces/sides pairs.