Solid Modeling

AMPSolid, the solid modeling front-end, is built on the industrial standard ACIS solid modeling kernel including full model creation / modification / featuring / de-featuring abilities designed specifically for FE simulation. Full model creation history recording/retrieval and forward/backward rolling to ease model creation. Automatic meshing ability is at the press of a button, with advanced options to control 2D/Shell triangle, quad, mixed meshing, or in 3D tetra or hexa meshing. Proprietary FlexMesh and Meta-Meshing hex meshing technologies provide another option for a structured hexa/brick meshing directly from a solid model. The post-processing part includes animation, contouring, vector flow field, streamline, user generated arithmetic results combination, volume/area/side result integral inquiry, and all standard reporting features. A dynamic real-time moving cutting plane feature allows the examination of the results, and with many integral inquiry for design analysis such as total shear/normal force/flux on the cross section.


The newest Meta-Meshing building blocks can be copied, rotated, joined, swept, or extruded to create the desired shape just like the standard solid modeling parts in an assembly operation. Meta-Elements have 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D formats and can be used to create beam/rod, surface, or solid mesh elements all in the same model. Once the Meta-Elements are created, it is easy to change mesh density. This change is automatically propagated to other Meta-Elements for mesh consistency, and the final global mesh density can also be scaled up or down if desired. By associating the material and boundary conditions with the geometry instead of specific finite elements, the models can be re-meshed and re-analyzed without having to reapply material or boundary information.