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Rubber Membrane


Welcome to the web site of AMPS Technologies Company, the developer of the AMPS (Advanced Multi-Physics Simulation) programs.

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(May 15, 2017) We are pleased to announce Multi-Physics for IronCAD (MPIC) Product Update is now available for download for registered users. The update contains more than half a year of refinement and feature enhancement, and resolves all known reported issues.

(April 15, 2017) Three papers by AMPS development and support team have been accepted for presentation at International Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM 2017):

1)  Large CAD assembly design analysis using Sefea (Strain-Enriched FEA) and MLS (Moving Least Squares) formulation

2)  Simulation of Biological Tissues using Numerical Hyperelasticity and Strain Enriched Finite Element Analysis (Sefea)

3)  Fatigue Life Prediction Based on AMPS Stress-Life Approach Fatigue FEA

(January 15, 2017) We are pleased to announce AMPS Designer product for general CAD users. The Designer series product line provides a streamline approach for easier CAD model import, FEA analysis controls, extensive material properties library, and intuitive boundary conditions for general to advanced design analysis applications.

(October 31, 2016) We are pleased to announce that after close to one year of development and testing, we have officially released AMPS 8.0. Customer with current licensing agreement can immediately download the update after logging in.

(October 6, 2016) AMPS Technologies Company filed Provisional Patent No 62404809 "XMD: eXtended Markup language Data tool for automatic data embedding, linking and processing in software applications." The patented technology is now embedded in all AMPS and OEM partner products. 


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